Relational Rights

Honored Relational Rights protect and promote safety: emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual.  When you honor and protect your own rights and the rights of others, it creates both internal and external safety.  When you feel safe, you feel human dignity. 

Honoring the Relational Rights and their supportive boundaries ensures healthy supply the core emotional needs for EMPATHY, ESTEEM AND EMPOWERMENT. When these primary emotional needs are met you become aware, good and strong.  You feel calm comfort and emotional balance.

Empathy connects you to feelings; your own and the feelings of others.  Empathy creates safety, trust and understanding in your Self-relationship and your relationships with others.  Empathy is the universal language of humanity.  Lacking empathy causes dis-connection from your true feelings and the feelings of others, which can result in de-humanizing behaviors toward others.

Esteem is to value and respect your Self.  Self-esteem stems from acting in respect-worthy ways in your Self-relationship and your relationships with others.  Esteem stems from good character and honorable choices.  Knowing you strive to do the right thing creates internalized esteem, strength and Self-respect. 

Empowerment is the ability to Self-protect and Self-direct in ways that promote your emotional balance and well-being.  Self-protection is setting and enforcing boundaries, protecting your rights.  Empowerment is choosing courage when you are fearful, but need to act on your behalf.  Empowerment is having enough Self-discipline to follow-through with a plan that will result in meeting your emotional need for safety and choice.

If you simply honor your rights, the rights of others and do not let anyone disrespect your rights, you will go a long way toward being good, doing good and feeling good. 

The Relational Rights and 10 Competent Choices together……….well, life is good.